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made my very first uncrustable! there’s just something about the pre-peeled crust and vacuum-sealed bread that makes uncrustables so much more delectable than their crusted counterparts.

however, some n00b mistakes:

  • used whole wheat bread which i love, but doesn’t produce the best flavor combination with pb&j
  • used bread that was too small which made it more difficult for the crust to be…uncrusted
  • used sugar free strawberry preserves which leaves a weird aftertaste
  • not enough peanut butter! self-explanatory.

do yoo recognize the common thread in all these errors? they were all attempts to make the uncrustable less fatty. moral of the story: less fatty = less yummy = not the taste that God intended (ha!).

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Posted 2 years ago

c a t ' s //s c r a t c h i n g //p o s t: Quieted With His Love


Tom Norvell - The Daily Encourager 6/21

As I worked my way through some devotional readings, I came across this passage: “The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.” (Zephaniah…

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i have awkward friends

  1. omg
  2. after lunch
  3. ed and i went to go get donuts next door
  4. and gloria had a piece of bubble wrap in her bag
  5. and ed asked if i wanted to pop it
  6. and i was like "sure"
  7. and THEN he asked the donut lady at the counter if she wanted to pop it!!!
  8. the lady thought ed was offering to give her the bubble wrap
  9. and she was like "yeah i'll take it we need bubble wrap"
  10. and so she took it
  11. and ed was like "oh sorry that's actually my friend's...i juss asked if yoo wanted to pop it"
  12. and he pulled the bubble wrap out of her hands
  13. and she was like wtf???
  14. and there was an awkward 3-second silence
  15. where the lady was trying to search for words but realized there were no words to salvage the situation
  16. and she juss laughed nervously
  17. and if you think that's where the awkwardness ends
  18. ed then ventured to ask, "so...would you like to pop it?"
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random thoughts from a relaxing friday morning

today is friday. yesterday was thursday. tomorrow is saturday…jk.

random thoughts about my future child: when he’s 5 (he for practical purposes), i’m going to start a savings account for him. maybe put in $20 a week. i’ll give him cash and take him to the bank so he can personally see the money being deposited. and with his savings, i will encourage him to sponsor a child in need, $10 a week. i will help him write letters to his sponsored child and help him read the letters that he gets back. and then every night, we’ll pray for the child. maybe one day we’ll even visit. i don’t know why, but thinking of how i will foster my child to sponsor another child…it reallie excites me! but first i will need a boyfriend…drats.

random thoughts about words: this morning as i was going to the bathroom, i realized that i actually reallie love the word shan’t. it’s such a funny word, prolly because it’s so archaic, but it has such a pretentious tone that it almost becomes endearing. i especially like coupling “shan’t” with “it” e.g: it shan’t be long before Christ returns. teehee. see, it makes me giggle so. i think i will try to incorporate it into my dialogues more often from now on.

random thoughts about friends: i hope timur has an awesome day today! i don’t think that will be accomplished by shooting him though…maybe we’ll start with prayer first and see where that takes us.

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good truths to abide by

if i want to look decent, i need to wash my hair.

note to others: if i look uglier than usual, and you can’t quite put your finger on why i look different, it’s probably because i didn’t wash my hair.

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we tried and tried to loosen the knots
thinking once we’re untangled we’ll be better off
but it’s these failures and faults
that hold us together
Brooke Fraser, Who Are We Fooling
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misery comes easy

If you want to be miserable, then think about yourself first…what you want, what people are saying about you, what you ought to have done for you, how down you feel, how good you feel. Just focus on yourself.

thanks adrian rogers. i needed that.

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What if my greatest disappointments
Or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst this world can’t satisfy
Laura Story, Blessings
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yesterday was a tough day for me at church. i’m not sure if it was just that time of the month and i happened to be overly sensitive, or maybe i was just realizing, once again, the ways in which i feel unfulfilled in my relationships. i miss high school, not just because times were simpler, but because back then, i never felt lacking in my friendships. but somewhere along the road in college, the way i interacted with people changed. i became a lot more prideful, a lot more wary, a lot more conservative, a lot more protective. and now community is probably the biggest thing i struggle with. so yesterday was one of those days (among many others) when i felt completely displaced from my church. it was one of those days when i thought to myself, i will never find the type of community i crave if i stay here. it reminded me of a conversation i had with another girl about this exact same concern - how we felt like we just didn’t belong. she eventually stopped becoming as involved in this church and started seeking another community, and i wondered if she had chosen the better route.

today, in my cries and questions and pleas, God responded to me. it was one of those days where i just needed my morning devotional to speak to my needs. and God was faithful.

i guess what i got out from this devotional was not an answer to how i could find community. it was even better. it was a challenge of my assumptions. it was a realization that God’s calling for me was more than just finding community. i know that community is essential. and i do have community, that’s not the issue here. i’ve just been too pent up in finding the type of community that i’ve always imagined, that i desire, that i crave. this in itself is not bad, but seems trivial in the large scheme of things. can you imagine if my tombstone wrote “fish: she was able to find a loving community where she felt fully accepted, a community that gave her immense joy.”  i mean, that’s GREAT, but really, is that the most significant thing you want to be known for in your life on earth, that you were able to find great community? not to mention the fact that it just sounds very self-serving.

now of course, this isn’t the answer to everyone who might be struggling with a similar situation. but i believe this is God’s answer to me, for now at least. the times when i feel displaced from my community, when i feel dispensable, when i feel like i just don’t belong…these are just small distractions in my life. these are fleeting problems that will pass, problems that pale in comparison to the eternal glory that God offers us when we choose to obey and follow Him and focus on the higher calling that He has for us. there will still be times like yesterday when i feel depressed or disappointed by my disconnect with community, and though it’s important to address that, it’s not the MOST important thing, or at least it shouldn’t be the single thing that i strive for and the one thing that constantly weighs on my mind. like paul, i also want to hear Jesus say to me, “well done, good and faithful servant!” and i don’t think spending a good bulk of my time striving for a certain level of community will warrant that statement.

of course, just as this devotional brought me some peace, it also brought up more questions. what exactly am i supposed to be focusing on? i believe God has a higher calling for me, more specific than just being a good daughter, a good sister, a good employee, or a good friend, but i’m not sure what it is. or maybe i’m getting ahead of myself, and i just want to know the quick and easy answer before i’ve reallie layed down the groundwork to pave that path where i can actually work towards fulfilling God’s will in my life. regardless of what it is that i need to gain more clarity, your prayers would be greatly appreciated!